The time has come for unique and sustainable hats and caps! Each piece tells its own story. Upcycling Headwear from Berlin.

Individual Headwear

At ReHats Berlin we just don't make stylish caps, but probably the most sustainable headwear in the world. We love trendy shapes. But just making fancy hats is not enough for us. Therefore, we work exclusively with materials, who tell their own story. From reused to misused.

ReHats Berlin
“Each piece is unique, each material with its own history. Sustainable, stylish and fair.”
ReHats at Work

ReHats Berlin

ReHats Berlin is the first headwear label that uses only sustainable materials. We love Upcycling! Therefore we use for our collections reused fabrics such as jute from coffee bags or processed workwear and left-overs from textile production. In this way, high-quality and, above all, damn good-looking materials are reused. And on top, we plant three trees for each hat sold for you.

“We love individual headwear, but in really good quality. And, of course, fair production in the EU.”
New hats from old stuff

Fashion & Trade

We do not compromise on the quality of our hats and caps. Hatmaking is a traditional profession for which we have the greatest respect. That's why we have been working with a hat manufacturer for many years in the third generation in Poland.Here, are made our hats and caps with great attention to detail and in the highest quality of trade on traditional machines. As it should be. And you can see that!

“The inner values count”
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...our inner lining is something special, too! It is not only particularly beautiful, but of course also upcycled. We use only (new) production scraps for this. And in the meantime, of course, we also make our face masks from these leftovers. The inner lining can vary according to the availibility of raw materials. Check out the inner lining of our newest arrivals: just click here.