<p>Discover the first hats and caps made from recycled workwear! New on rehats.com.</p>

Die Gewerkschaft

The time has come - we have used a new material: work wear. Whether painter, mechanic or electrician. Wherever there is work, is also workwear.The supposedly worn-out jackets and dungarees find a new vocation with us - as an extraordinary headgear! Scroll down to discover the whole collection.

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The Collection

Every year, millions of Workwear disposed of - due to slight traces of use or simply because they are replaced on a regular basis. From the rough, still long-lasting fabrics we have designed a whole series of virtually indestructible hats and caps. Whether basecap with bright orange visor or traveller hat with stylish seams: Each cap reflects the previous working life and becomes your personal unique piece. Shaped by life, with its own history and damn a lot of style.Sustainable, unique and handmade in the EU. By the way: We do not use any substances of animal origin.

The Facts

We believe in sustainable headgear: In production of a hat from ReHats, we save about 2,500 litres of water compared to the use of new cotton fabrics. Thanks to the robust boilersuits, high-visibility vest and other workwear that we use, we save valuable resources. The life cycle of the used materials is considerably extended! Because the consumption of work wear is enormous:In Germany more than 17 million "boilersuits" are in use at the same time, which are exchanged after too short cycles. So there is still much to be done.