From dirty denim to clean headwear. The new collection is here!


Howdy! We have dug deep into the depths of the fashion industry and found a real treasure: jeans. We fell into a real GOLD RUSH and now we make a clean sweep of dirty denim. No matter if pants or we give elaborately produced denim fabrics a second life through upcycling. Depending on the nature of the fabric we turn one pair of trousers in one to three hats or caps and thus prolong the life cycle of the textiles.

Jeans in Germany
Goldrausch Kollektion

The Collection

Billy the Cap, Crazy Jane and Co. now bring the blue evergreen to the heads of all big city cowboys and fashionistas. The robust fabrics of upcycled jeans fit perfectly to every outfit. We have remained true to ourselves in the manufacturing process. All GOLDRAUSCH hats and caps are unique and are produced fair and sustainable in the EU. During our treasure hunt we also found a few black sheep. From them we made a special edition. That's why two of our models are also available in black jeans, with a hat band made of real vintage ties.

The Facts

With the jeans material we have tackled a real environmental sinner. That's why: for the production of a single pair of jeans trousers about 8,000 litres of water are used and up to two kilos of chemicals. About 190 million jeans are imported into Germany every year, traveling approximately 50,000 kilometers, before they end up in German closets with an average of seven more jeans. After a maximum of three years they get dumped again. Enormous resource waste for a rather short wearing time! With GOLDRAUSCH we'll put an end to this.