Special Editions

Colorful wonder bags full of surprises

The Collection

Some models of our collections are made into very special versions. Mostly made from rare coffee bags, combined with colorful fabric scraps. Or a pair of very special jeans with a vintage hatband made from a vintage tie. Our Special Editions are always super individual and strictly limited. Anyone who orders a model from these editions will get a random piece, according to availability. A real ReHats grab bag, so to speak!

Special Edition
Special Edition

ReHats Berlin

We love individual hats and caps. Our ReHats are made exclusively from unusual, upcycled materials such as coffee bags directly from the roastery, recycled work wear or revived jeans. Because the time is ripe for unique and sustainable hats and caps! Authentic details tell their own story in every design. That's how every hat becomes a statement, produced in best millinery quality.

Fashion and Tradition

We do not compromise on the quality of our hats and caps. Hat making is a traditional profession for which we have the greatest respect. We have been working with a third-generation hat manufacturer in Poland for many years. Here our hats and caps are made with great attention to detail and in the highest quality on traditional machines. Just the way it should be.

Special Edition