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hat purchase at ReHats

Why do I need a ReHat?
Of course you need a ReHat! Our hats are unmistakable unique pieces with corners and edges, just something special for someone special. And lastingly on top of it.
What do I need to know to buy a hat? My hat size?
First things first: If you have found a hat or cap you like, the next most important thing is your hat size. Most of our models have individual sizes that correspond to the head circumference in centimeters. Mostly from 55-61 or 62 cm, for some hats we only have three basic sizes and a size adjustable velcro. With the beanies there is only one size - one size fits all :). Here you can find a size chart and (video) instructions on how to measure the hat size correctly.
By the way: If a size is not displayed on the product detail page, then it is currently sold out for the product in question. Sorry, all limited!
Professional Tip: Use the search function with the magnifying glass in the upper right corner to see all available designs of a model, for example a "Cafe Ole".
Will my hat look like the one on the product picture afterwards?
The hat or cap you will receive will look very similar to the product image. We make a great effort to sort the materials by color and the bags by motif to produce limited small series in different sizes. In the end, however, every hat or cap at ReHats is unique because of the cut and the preserved details. Therefore, no hat looks exactly like the other. That is what makes each piece so special!
What are the "Unique Editions"?
The Unique Editions are only available with our coffee bag hats. Here you get a hat that was made from a randomly selected original coffee bag. Since these bags are often not available in large quantities, each hat is completely different and often quite rare. Some courage is rewarded with a real unique piece. Check out the Unique Editions here.
What are the "Special Editions"?
Some of our hats are available in a special design: For example, the player hat "Café Olé" has different fabric applications made of colorful cotton, as well as the chic baseball cap "Black Coffee". Our specials in the Goldrausch jeans collection, on the other hand, have been given a colorful vintage tie as a special, hand-sewn hat band. Here you go to the Special Editions.


Story & Production

What is the story behind ReHats?
ReHats Berlin has been around since the beginning of 2017. The two founders of the label, Stanislaus Teichmann and Stefan Korn, had the idea to offer only hats and caps made of special materials. The first collection, COFFEE2GO, was developed together with the Berlin hat designer Stefan Lochner from original coffee bags. In the following years, we designed further collections made of unusual fabrics such as jeans, work clothes and recycled cotton fibers, and thus built up an ever broader and more colorful assortment of hats, caps - and more recently beanies. As enthusiastic hat and beanie wearers, we show that unique headwear can be perfectly combined with sustainability and fair production. Our biggest concern at ReHats: you only get hats with an unmistakable, authentic style, with corners and edges so to speak.
What makes the hats and caps sustainable?
In the production of our headwear, the life cycle of super-chic fabrics such as the jute of original coffee bags, jeans or workwear is prolonged, thus saving valuable resources: In the production of a ReHat, up to 2,500 liters of water are needed compared to the use of new cotton fabrics. Also sustainable is the high-quality inner lining made of pollutant-free cotton, since it comes from leftover stock from the fashion industry.
What materials are used for the production of the hats and where do you get them?
The materials differ depending on the collection:
For the COFFEE2GO collection we only use genuine original coffee bags from roasting plants in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. After transporting the unroasted green coffee from all over the world, the beautiful bags would otherwise not be used any further. It is simply too expensive to ship them empty around half the world. The jute sacks are sorted by hand in our hat factory and the most beautiful motifs are then processed into hats and caps. More about the COFFEE2GO collection you can find out here.
We use recycled blue men, high-visibility vests or safety jackets. Usually work clothes are provided by a service provider: This service provider produces the clothing, takes care of cleaning and replaces it if, for example, an employee leaves the company, a change of company colors is pending or the clothing is damaged. We obtain the sorted and already cleaned clothing from the Berlin Textile Harbor, a project of the Berlin City Mission, and thus support the homeless aid at the same time. You can find more information about the GEWERKSCHAFT here
For the GOLDRAUSCH we use sorted and processed jeans. Jeans are real environmental sinners, which require a lot of water and chemicals to produce. We make one to three hats or caps from the denim fabric of a pair of jeans. The robust pants are also available from the non-profit project Textilhafen in Berlin. Here you can find more information about the jeans collection.
For the inner lining of our hats and caps - beautifully colorful, just the way we love it - we use unused OEKOTEX100 certified cotton fabrics made in Germany from leftover stocks of the fashion industry.
Our latest collection, EISZEIT, on the other hand, is not made of directly recycled fabrics. Here, the fibers are first recovered from used cotton textiles, especially from jeans. These are sorted by color and processed into new yarn, which is up to 92% recycled. This yarn is then used to make our knitted hats, beanies and fisherman caps. Discover more about the collection here.
Where are the hats produced?
Our collections are produced in a small hat factory in Poland, where hats and caps are manufactured in the traditional way in the third generation. We have been cooperating with this hat factory for many years and visit and control the production regularly. Thus we can guarantee highest quality, short delivery routes within Europe and fair working conditions.



What does the shipping cost me and what do you use for shipping?
Our shipping costs start from 2,90 EUR for national shipping by letter, i.e. with the German Post. This shipping method is unfortunately only available for a few products (beanies, masks). The parcel shipping is done at your choice with GLS (from 4,50 EUR) or DHL (from 5,50 EUR). From 100 EUR we send free of charge within Germany! The exact shipping costs overview can be found here. As background information: The shipping costs cover unfortunately only a part of the actual costs for packaging and shipping.
To which countries can the hats be shipped?
We ship almost worldwide. You can also find an overview here. Country not included? Please contact us (support@re-hats.com) and we will most likely find a solution.
What about packing stations?
For shipping to a Packstation or to a post office branch you simply have to choose DHL as your parcel service. Please make sure that you fill in the address information correctly.
How can I track the delivery (Tracking-Link)?
You will receive a tracking link via email together with the invoice and shipping confirmation, usually the evening after the shipment has left our house. Please note: tracking is not available for shipping with Deutsche Post. Also the transit time of the shipment is longer here than with the parcel services (up to 5 working days, no delivery on Mondays).
How long does the shipping take?
With parcel shipping, delivery within Germany takes 1-2 business days, counted from the day after payment is received. By mail up to 5 working days, without Monday counted, since there is no delivery). For other shipping times look at this table here.
What do I do if I have not received anything or my package is empty?
If your package hasn't arrived yet, in most cases some patience will help: 99% of the cases are solved after 2-3 days of waiting. First you should check the tracking. You have received the link in the shipping confirmation email. Here you can see, for example, if the package has landed at a neighbor's or in a parcel store. If the tracking does not help, please ask the support of GLS or DHL. Here you have the right contact person. If the package really doesn't show up after a few days, please send us a notice of loss to support@re-hats.com, which you can download here. We will send you an additional delivery afterwards or refund the purchase price as you like.


exchange and return

How does an exchange or return of the order work?
Click here and you will find all information about returns and exchanges. Please make sure you use the correct return address!
My order is a gift. What is the return period before Christmas?
For orders placed after November 30th of a year, an extended return period applies until January 15th of the following year. So don't worry if the hat doesn't fit exactly - you can always exchange or return it.
How long does it take until I get my money back after the return?
You will get your money back as soon as possible after receipt of your return. Depending on the chosen payment method, the refund may take a few days. You can see if a return has already arrived in your customer account if you created one when you ordered.


care instructions

How can I clean my hat or cap?
GOLDRAUSCH hats (i.e. made of jeans and work clothes) can be cleaned inside and outside with a sponge and mild soap. The hats also tolerate a cold hand wash with quick but gentle drying (no tumble dryer!). The hats and caps of COFFEE2GO can only be cleaned inside with a sponge and mild soap. The beanies of the ICE TIME tolerate a cold or max. 30 degrees warm machine wash.
Are the hats and caps waterproof?
GOLD RUSH and GOODSHOP can take a few drops quite well, with the hats of COFFEE2Go you should avoid even a small rain. It is important to dry the hats quickly but gently so that they keep their shape. Hats are best stuffed with newspaper. Nevertheless, it is best to avoid rain.



With which payment methods can I pay my order?
PayPal: pay with your PayPal account or without registration with your PayPal balance, by direct debit or credit card.



What do I do if the payment process cancels?
Normally you will be redirected back to the shopping cart if you cancel your payment. Attention, when paying by IMMEDIATELY the shopping cart is empty if you cancel the payment. But the order is saved by us! You can either simply reorder, in which case we will automatically cancel the failed order. Or you can write us a short mail to support@re-hats.com with your name and order number and we will change to another payment method. Don't worry, what is not paid for will not be shipped (twice) either.


Technical questions

You cannot select a product in the desired color or quantity?
If a size is not displayed on the product detail page, then it is currently sold out for the product in question. Since the materials are limited, it is unfortunately not certain that we can and will be able to reproduce a model in this way. In case of doubt please send us a short mail. Also of course, if you think it should be a technical error - unfortunately you are never completely immune to that :).
Do I need a customer account to order from ReHats?
No, you don't have to create an account. You can also place an order as a "guest". A customer account has the advantage that you can see the status of your order and do not have to enter your data again with your next order. Also the handling of a return is easier.



How does it work with the vouchers?
In the store we distinguish between downloadable (download voucher) and sendable vouchers. If you buy one of the former, you will receive your voucher as a PDF document immediately after your purchase. You can then print it out yourself at home. Alternatively we send the (gift voucher) the voucher with the chosen motif and value by mail or parcel service. For this we charge shipping costs. The download voucher is free of shipping costs. Each voucher has a unique voucher code, with which the nominal value of the voucher - exclusively in our own online store re-hats.com - can be redeemed. And this until the value is used up or up to three years after the voucher purchase. Here you can find our vouchers.
Where can I find a (discount) coupon for ReHats?
Sign up for our newsletter (in the footer, scroll down)! It will inform you about special offers and discount vouchers. And follow us on Facebook or Instagram, there are always special offers.

Is the answer to your question not there? Then write us an e-mail or call us. e.g.: support@re-hats.com
Mail: support@re-hats.com
Telephone: +49 30 62608576 (Mon-Fri 10-12h and 14-16h)