Docker Cap – recycled cotton


Hej, I am Sne, a cap made from the fibers of recycled cotton clothes like jeans. I am a full rib knit beanie with brim, from the ReHats collection EISZEIT. As a hip "docker" I sit on top of your head and therefore cover only a part of it.

For me, a discarded pair of trousers, or other cotton textiles, were broken down into their individual fibers, to make yarn from them again. These fibers were not dyed, but sorted by color in their original state and then processed directly. This way I save up to 850 liters of water, compared to caps made with newly produced yarn.

I was produced fairly in the EU and I’m made from up to 92% recycled cotton. Due to the recycling process, my fibers are pleasantly soft, but at the same have a special grip to them. I am available in one size, which will hopefully fit you as well. I look a little smaller in the beginning, but will widen a little bit with time. My 3 cm wide folded brim has a textile ReHats logo patch on the left side. Hej, hej!

  • Rib knit Docker
  • Sits over the ears / all the way up on the head
  • Fold-up hem (3 cm) with cotton loop label (3.5 cm x 2 cm)
  • Six seams
  • At least 92% recycled
  • Made with love in the EU
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Shipping on the same day until 11 a.m.
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92% cotton, 4% polyester, 4% polyamide
3 cm
Logo patch:
Loop-Label made from cotton (3,5 cm x 2 cm)

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